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Saint Vincent Radiological Associates, Inc. has provided the clinical and residency teaching services for the department of Radiology at Saint Vincent Hospital since 1971.

Our team of diverse board-certified subspecialists offer expertise across the full spectrum of diagnostic and interventional radiology and nuclear medicine.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient-centered care.  We strive for added-value for our patients and are proactive in collaborative clinical imaging decision support for our referring providers.  Our imaging protocols are aligned with the American College of Radiology Image Wisely and Image Gently Campaigns.

David A. Bader, MD, FACR

President Saint Vincent 

Radiological Associates, Inc.

To all our patients:

Our radiologists are 

available to review 

your studies with you

as an integral part of 

our care responsibilities. 

Please contact us with 

any questions.

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